Name Lipican Aer d.o.o. appeared in 2010, when the Solinair flight training organisation was renamed the Lipican Aer and in addition to basic activities of pilot training  expand the scope of activities to the aircraft maintenance and aircraft travel agency business.

The beginning of our activities dates back to 1991, as pilot training department of the Solinair airlines and this is what we are still doing today. While Solinair L.t.d. was  focused on the operation with the larger aircraft. The pilots trainings, passenger transport operation, aerial work on smaller aircraft was carried out by the company, which now have the name of Lipican Aer Ltd.


Lipican Aer d.o.o.

Sečovlje 19

SI-6333 Sečovlje


Tel.:  +386 (0)5 672 25 45
Fax:: +386 (0)5 672 25 44
Email: info@lipicanaer.com